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What does reboot mean?

'reboot' is just another word for 'restart'. it just means to turn the computer off and back on again. Rebooting sort of means to turn the computer off and on to make an insta (MORE)

What are the advantages of rebooting a computer?

  When you reboot your computer your clear out your RAM(Random Access Memory). This is the memory that you computer uses to run programs. The reason this is import is beca (MORE)

What is the word origin for the word reboot?

The person who edited the horse story is correct. The term comes  from "boot," which is short for "bootstrap," an old term for  starting from little or nothing. The term "bo (MORE)
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What is a movie reboot?

When a movie is remade, with all previous continuity in the series discarded. If the movie is in a series, the series starts over and all previous films in that series are now (MORE)

How do i reboot my iPhone?

Hold down the Lock/Power button and the home button simultaneously for a few seconds until the "slide to power off" slider bar comes up. Swipe the red slider button across the (MORE)

Why do you have to reboot your computer?

You may have to reboot your computer for a number of reasons. 1. Sometimes the operating system or the hardware become unstable. The computer itself may hang because of hardw (MORE)
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How do you reboot MacBook?

Go up to the top left hand of the screen to the little apple sign, click on that and go down to restart and click ok if a box pops up. Thanks Sam's I.T Solutions
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How do you reboot a android?

To reboot your android hold down the power button until it asks you if you want to shut down your device, tap yes and your device will shut down, hold down the power button ag (MORE)

How do you reboot your iPad?

Press and hold down the power button, and when the red slider appears to shut it off, slide it. When the ipad is fully off, press and hold the power button again until you see (MORE)