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Were there any recalls on Isuzu axioms?

I actually called the US Manufacture to asked that exact question. The Answer I got was that there was a recall in 2003 for some kind of padding to make it safer for your head (MORE)

Can you sue car company if you have recall?

In most situations, unless you and prove damages, and prove the company acted negligently and caused these damages willfully, you can not sue.
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What McDonald's toys are recalled?

In the end, the "Scooter Bug" gave some parents the jitterbug. Measuring a mere three inches long with a sunny yellow face, bright pink antennae and florescent orange little (MORE)

Why Littlebigplanet recalled?

The Little Big Planet beta was recalled because in a few of the levels they had ancient and sacred scripts in songs.
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What are the recalls for a 2000Toyota Solara?

Recall information is always available on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. For the Y2k Solara there have been two recalls, both for exterior lighti (MORE)

What does the passover recall?

Passover commemorates the Biblical events of the plagues of Egypt  while the Israelites were enslaved there, and how the tenth plague  was not visited on those Israelite hou (MORE)

What is a recall petition?

It is a petition where the signatories want an elected official to  be removed from their position before the end of that official's  term. A successful recall petition will (MORE)