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What is a receiver?

Someone or something that receives, gets, picks up, collects. The receiver for a business delivery is the person who accepts delivery for the buyer. Radio receiver A devi (MORE)

When do you use have received or had received?

Have received is present perfect. Present perfect is used to talk about something that happened very recently and has results in the present. I have received you letter tod (MORE)
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What is correct Did not receive or Did not received?

The correct phrase is "did not receive." If you wished to use theword "received," the phrase would have to be "have not received" inorder for the words to agree. "Did not rece (MORE)
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What is received?

received is a word that you received. Ex. I received a message from my best friend.

What are receivables?

The Accounts Receivable Aging Schedule is a useful tool\nfor analyzing the aging of your accounts receivable. Analyzing the \nschedule allows you to spot problems in account (MORE)