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What is receptor internalisation?

Answer . Receptor internalization is the process by which cell surface expressed receptors are monoubiquitinated following ligand-induced activation, and subsequently taken (MORE)
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What is receptor?

A receptor is located on a cell membrane. Any neuronic transmission, hormone, etc. that cannot get inside of the cell's membrane will sit on the receptor in order to pass its (MORE)

What are receptors?

Receptor fits in at least three different disciplines, including: . "Sensory receptor, in physiology, any structure which, on receiving environmental stimuli, produces an i (MORE)

What are joint receptors?

They belong to a group of receptors called proprioceptors. They are afferent neurons which relay information to the central nervous system about the position of a joint. Speci (MORE)
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Where are receptors?

Receptors are proteins that respond to a certain stimulus, such as a nuclear receptor for DNA. When the hydrophobic ligand which is just another word for molecule enters the (MORE)

What is pseudo receptor?

A pesudoreceptor is a molecular binding pocket, and is one of thekey structures in improving drug screening. This is made possibleby a combination of ligand matching and recep (MORE)
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What is ACh receptors?

ACH receptors can be defined as an integral membrane protein that responds to the binding of acetylcholine, a neuoyansmitter. Two example are nicotinic acetyl line receptors a (MORE)