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What is receptor internalisation?

  Answer   Receptor internalization is the process by which cell surface expressed receptors are monoubiquitinated following ligand-induced activation, and subsequent (MORE)

What is receptor?

A receptor is located on a cell membrane. Any neuronic transmission, hormone, etc. that cannot get inside of the cell's membrane will sit on the receptor in order to pass its (MORE)

What is the receptor protein?

   In biochemistry and  pharmacology, a receptor is a protein molecule  usually found embedded within the plasma membrane surface of a cell  that receives chemical si (MORE)

What is pseudo receptor?

A pesudoreceptor is a molecular binding pocket, and is one of the  key structures in improving drug screening. This is made possible  by a combination of ligand matching and (MORE)
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What is receptor desensitisation?

Receptors generate a cellular response upon binding their specific ligand. This response can vary in magnitude. Desensitisation is a phenomenon in which activation of a recept (MORE)
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What is glucose receptors?

The purpose of the glucose receptors is to detect blood glucose  levels. The Islets of Langerhorn dispatch alpha cells to detect low  blood glucose and beta cells to detect (MORE)

What are sensory receptors?

A sensory receptor is a sensory nerve ending that responds to a  stimulus in the internal or external environment of an organism.  The sensory receptor initiates sensory tra (MORE)

The receptors for pain are?

Pain receptors are the types of nerve cell primarily responsible  for taking and sending stimulation signals from different nerve  endings to the brain, that will usually in (MORE)

What do cannabinoid receptors do?

your body creates natural cannabinoids that bind to cannabinoid receptors in your brain, THC is a cannabinoid aswell, and bind to these receptors which is the chemicals way of (MORE)