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What does recipe mean?

Recipe means instructions for preparing food. In the past it has meant a medical prescription, and is still used today in the pharmaceutical abbreviation, Rx
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Recipes from war?

  One of the best "C" ration canned foods from the case was the meal marked "Beef Slices with Potatoes and Gravey." The tiny bottles of Tobasco sauce were easy to pack awa (MORE)
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What is your favorite recipe?

Well, it depends on the category. My personal favorite recipe is for Candy-Topped Brownie Torte from If you want the recipe, just go to www.bettycrocker (MORE)
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What are the importance of a recipe?

if you dont have the right things for a recipe your project or whatever you're doing or making will not come out the right way What IS the importance of a recipe? If you fo (MORE)
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What is a recipe for limeade?

First,in order to make a limeade,get the following items...lime juice,1 1/2 cup water & sugar.Okay,so what you do first is you get the water and transfer it into a glass.Next, (MORE)

What is a recipe for akelet?

Gaat porridge Classic poor people's food. A soft, wonderful porridge made with flour and water and seasoned with melted butter and berbere. It's all in the wrist. Serves six. (MORE)
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What is a recipe for hortacha?

OK - I've just come back from Mexico City and the way they make Horchata (I think this is what you mean) there is: Rice water, sugar and cinnamon (the rice water can be boug (MORE)

What is a microwave recipe?

Some things are simply quicker to create in a microwave then a standard oven, or otherwise pan. A lot of people complain that it ruins the taste and that you have no control o (MORE)