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What is reciprocal of -10?

-0.1 or in fraction form it is -1/10 recipricol just means to flip the fraction. since -10 is the same as -10/1
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What is a reciprocal?

The technical definition is "(of a quantity or function) related to  another so that their product is one.    The reciprocal of a fraction is mostly flipping the fract (MORE)

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What is a reciprocal of a fraction?

A reciprocal of a fraction is when you interchange the numerator and the denominator. Example: 3/5: reciprocal = 5/3 The reciprocal of a fraction is when you interchange the n (MORE)
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What are reciprocal numbers?

The reciprocal of a number is 1 divided by the number. Alternatively, a number and its reciprocal make a pair such that they always multiply to make 1.
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What is a opposite and reciprocal?

Reciprocal is the multiplicative inverse. This means that a number times its reciprocal equals 1. So the reciprocal of 5/4 is 4/5, such that (5/4) x (4/5) = 1. Opposite is a l (MORE)
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What are reciprocal roles?

Corresponding roles that define the patterns of interacton between related statuses. Ex: doctor-patient or athlete-coach.
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What is reciprocal of 6?

The reciprocal of 6 (which is equal to 6/1) would be 1/6. all you are really doing is swapping out the numerator with the denominator.
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