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What is a synonym for reckless?

    adventuresome, adventurous, any which way, audacious, brash, breakneck, carefree, careless, daredevil, daring, desperate, devil-may-care*, fast and loose, feckless (MORE)

What does reckless mean?

First answer: it means danger My answer: Reckless refers to acting without regard for the safety of oneself or others. It usually implies a certain degree of foolishness (MORE)

How much jail time in Kentucky for reckless homicide?

KRS 507.050 Reckless homicide. (2) Reckless homicide is a Class D felony.n Kentucky, reckless homicide is a class D felony. Per KRS 532.060(1): A sentence of imprisonment (MORE)

What is the fine for reckless driving in NC?

  maximum $1000 fine and/or max 6 months in jail, 30 days license suspension unless you were convicted of speeding and reckless driving at the same time in which case you (MORE)

What is reckless behavior?

Texas' definition:   "A person acts recklessly, or is reckless, with respect to circumstances surrounding his conduct or the result of his conduct when he is aware of but (MORE)

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What is the difference between reckless driving and reckless operation of a vehicle?

Well I suppose driving is by definition, the operation of a vehicle so I suppose they are the same thing. But it would be a different scenario between A reckless driverAnd re (MORE)

How many points for reckless driving in florida?

Reckless Driving is generally 3 points on your license and on your insurance record. This is the same as for a DUI as far as insurance goes or for having an accident. These ar (MORE)
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What part of the word reckless is stresses?

Reckless \\ˈre-kləs\\, like many words with the -less suffix, is pronounced with stress on the first syllable ie: RECK-less, SENSE-less, HOPE-less, etc.
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