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How do you recognize an acid?

they always have hydrogen (H) in their formula and if they are below 7 on the pH scale (hope i answered your question)
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Who recognized Odysseus?

While in the underworld: Tiresias recognized Odysseus even before he had drank of the blood. Odysseus' mother Anticlea recognized Odysseus after drinking of the blood. Many f (MORE)

How can you recognize a 'narcissist'?

Characteristics of Narcissists: amoral/conscienceless authoritarian care only about appearances contemptuous critical of others cruel disappointing gift-givers (MORE)

How do you recognize a daayan?

A  daayan is also said to target young families, young women and  other family surrogates. Assuming the form of a young, attractive  female, she hunts for young men on roa (MORE)

What does recognize means?

  recognize means the ability to remember an object and be ale to point out what it is with confidence
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How do you recognize swingers?

There is no secret handshake, specific tattoo, or item of jewelry to identify swingers. Although many have tried it is impossible to unite all swingers under one "banner". O (MORE)

How do you recognize your soulmate?

re- how do you recognise your soulmate? you would just know if you met your soulmate, there is a deep closeness and a ability to mentally and psychically tune into each othe (MORE)

How recognize tsunami?

Normally the ocean water pulls back out unusually far so that is one sign that means run or get to a high place. Also if there is a generally large earthquake and you are stan (MORE)