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How do you recognize a Sikh?

A true Sikh(Khalsa) is recognized by five important religious features. 1. Kesh (forbidden to clip hair /trim beard and moustache) 2. Kripan - a dagger is always kept 3 (MORE)
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How do you recognize melanoma?

Early signs of melanoma are changes to the shape or color of existing moles or in the case of nodular melanoma the appearance of a new lump anywhere on the skin (such lesions (MORE)

How do you recognize a Muslim?

Because Islam is a religion and/or an ideology, there's no relation to genotype. There are no physiological aspects, inherited or emergent, that conclusively identify Islam (a (MORE)
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How do you recognize a Scorpio?

  The Easy Way: Ask them   The Hard Way: They are probably mysterious and don't tell you a lot of secrets especially if you're a stranger. They are good looking and goo (MORE)

How recognize tsunami?

Normally the ocean water pulls back out unusually far so that is one sign that means run or get to a high place. Also if there is a generally large earthquake and you are stan (MORE)
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How do you recognize hyperventilation?

hyperventilation means taking in more oxygen than the body needs. This may result in various symptoms as light headedness, tingling hands and feet, palpitations, a dru mouth, (MORE)

How to recognize a liar?

To recognize a liar u have to pay close attention to there responses and expressions...if the person takes too long to answer a question,there lying...if they look in other ar (MORE)