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How recognize tsunami?

Normally the ocean water pulls back out unusually far so that is one sign that means run or get to a high place. Also if there is a generally large earthquake and you are stan (MORE)

How do you recognize dehydration?

The following are symptoms: Light headedness, fatigue and weakness. Dry mouth and a lack of sweating can also occur.
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How to recognize a liar?

To recognize a liar u have to pay close attention to there responses and expressions...if the person takes too long to answer a question,there lying...if they look in other ar (MORE)
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How do you recognize zebra?

by their stripes.go on the computer and type it in.i dont know the names of the different types of stripes but,i read it in a book once and it showed a picture of the differen (MORE)

How do you recognize swingers?

There is no secret handshake, specific tattoo, or item of jewelry to identify swingers. Although many have tried it is impossible to unite all swingers under one "banner". (MORE)
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How do you recognize monosaccharides?

Monosaccharides are made by only one sugarmolecule, such as galactose, fructose or glucose. "Mono" comes from the Greek word "manos", and means one. A disaccharide contains tw (MORE)