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How do you recognize narcissism?

  Answer JSB - the classic narcissist   I believe that I have a neighbour who suffers from this problem. He will take it upon himself to tell others that they should (MORE)

Recognizing a narcissist?

At first is very subtle they are very charming some even humble! But you can notice if they complain about co workers, ex girlfriends they are lazy, dumb or don't care about h (MORE)

How will you recognize a bully?

  Bullies are often people who push others around, both verbally and physically. They make people fear them, or hurt hem badly if they don't, which would eventually lead t (MORE)

How do you recognize motion?

Deciding if an object is moving isn't as easy as it sounds. We can only discern relative motion and we have to use reference points. (A reference point is an object that is no (MORE)
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How do you recognize illness?

if their head is hot If you "feel" that something is "off" then something is. Your body talks to you every day, we just need to learn how to listen and understand what we are (MORE)
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How do you recognize hyperventilation?

hyperventilation means taking in more oxygen than the body needs. This may result in various symptoms as light headedness, tingling hands and feet, palpitations, a dru mouth, (MORE)