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What does Recommendations mean?

They are suggestions which the person recommending really thinks would be a very good idea to follow. More demanding than a suggestion but less than a demand.
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What are recommendations?

Recommendations are proposals or suggestions for a particularcourse of action. A synonym for recommendation is endorsement orgood word.

What are the recommended foods?

Answer: If you are wondering for a kitten then just for a while feed him/her soft food like special cat or kitty food there is dry and soft. First start with soft food for a (MORE)

Is recommended a conjunction?

No, it is not a conjunction. It is the past tense and pastparticiple of the verb to recommend . It can be a verb or anadjective.
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What is biofeedback recommended for?

Biofeedback is recommended for people with migraines and headaches, because biofeedback teaches the body how to treat them without medication.