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How do you recondition conga skins?

Hello I've been playing Congas and various other instruments for about 40 yrs. I own Echtone , LP wood and fiberglass, Vintage Gonbops oak, mahagony, and fiberglass wraped, an (MORE)

What is a recondition title?

When purchasing a vehicle, check the title for any "remarks" on the title that will denote any discrepancies such as: 1) Reconditioned, 2) Salvage, 3) Flood, 4) Theft recov (MORE)

How do you recondition a DeWalt battery?

It depends on if it is a Nicad or lithium ion Battery Lithium Ion batteries are ruined if they become completely discharged. Nicad batteries can be partially brought back (MORE)

Does coach recondition their purses for free?

Coach has a free repair service, though they charge a $20 processing fee and it takes 6-8 weeks. They don't recondition bags at all, however, free or otherwise, though they wi (MORE)