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What was the Reconstruction?

it was a period during which the United States began to rebulid after the civil war, lasting from 1865 to 1877. The term also refers to the process the federal government used (MORE)

What was The success of reconstruction to the failure of reconstruction?

SUCCESSES . 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments which ended slavery and grantedcitizenship and the right to vote to blacks . the north and south were again united as one nation (MORE)

What was the 1930s reconstruction?

The Reconstruction Era was the period of time following the CivilWar when Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson worked tobring the South back to normal as quickly as p (MORE)

What was reconstruction about?

the Reconstruction Era has two uses; the first covers the entire nation in the period 1865-1877 following theCivil War ; the second one, used in this article, covers the tra (MORE)
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Who was at the reconstruction?

The North and South were at the Reconstruction. This was a period of time following the Civil War in which the country began to be rebuilt. It is widely considered to be a fai (MORE)

What was reconstruction-?

It is the period in the United States history immediately following the Civil War whereby the federal government set the conditions that allows the rebellious Southern states (MORE)