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What is the role of a record producer?

Really, a record producer can hold alot of different roles depending on what the band or label wants from them. Mostly, the "Produced by" credit goes to the person or persons (MORE)

How is the sound produced with the recorder?

The block of wood in the mouth piece of a musical instrument called a recorder is called a fipple. The air vibrates over then under the fipple by the Bernoulli principal causi (MORE)
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How does a recorder produce sound?

The player of the instrument blows a stream of air into the mouthpiece of the recorder, where it travels through a short tunnel, called the "windway" of the recorder (basicall (MORE)

How does a record player produce audio?

  The famous phonograph was the fourth device for recording and replaying sound. The term phonograph ("sound writer") is derived from the Greek words φωνή (meaning "so (MORE)

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