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What equipment is used in a recording studio?

Essentially all you need is a mic, an interface and a computer. You can even get more basic than that, but in my opinion that's the most basic way to get GOOD sound. A studi (MORE)

What are the computers in a recording studio used for?

These days most music is recorded on the computers. A few years ago everything was recorded onto tape. That consumes a lot of space, and costs a lot. Now with the digital age (MORE)

What is the best recording studio equipment?

That's quite a general question and difficult to answer :) It's similar to "how long is a piece of string"? Since recording studio equipment varies so greatly with regards (MORE)
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How much is a home recording studio?

The real question is how much are you willing to spend? With a computer, you can purchase a USB mic and download a copy of audacity recording software and start recording for (MORE)

Why do studio recording artists wear headphones when recording in-studio?

More times than not, the recording artist will be listening to either a backing track or a click. The headphones are to prevent excess sound from bleeding into the microphone. (MORE)
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How much does it cost to record at a Recording studio?

On average your probably looking at $50/hr however location, and the size of the studio can drastically change that number. Two of the exact same studios with one in LA and th (MORE)

What to bring to a recording studio?

It depends on what you are recording. If you are a band, you will probably need your instruments. Some studios may have instruments for you to use as well, but those are gener (MORE)
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What can you do with a recording studio?

Essentially you go to a recording studio to record. When it comes to bands recording music, most studios will also mix the record and some will also master. You can find studi (MORE)

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