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What does a recovery truck do?

A recovery truck(also know as 'tow truck')is basically a vehicle used to transport a disabled car, truck etc., from one location to another. They are used for clearing acciden (MORE)

What is the purpose of the recovery position in first aid?

When a person is unconscious (but breathing and pulse are present) they can be placed in the recovery position. There are a few aims for this, they are:    1. It is a c (MORE)

What is a recovery disk?

Recovery disks are things that will save your tail if you get a virus or need to do a factory reset to the device. Some Computer companies do not provide them and maybe some d (MORE)
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Why left lateral position in recovery position?

Left, rather than right, lateral recovery position reduces the pressure on the inferior vena cava (the main vein bringing blood from the lower body to the heart) in patients w (MORE)

What is a loan recovery?

When a loan has been taken by a person from a bank then he has to repay it according to the EMI fixed by the bank but if the person has failed to pay the EMI regularly for a f (MORE)

Who is a recovery agent?

A recovery agent is a person who repossesses or takes things back  for financial institutions. If a person is financing a car and  quits making their monthly payments, a rec (MORE)

What is recovery?

Recovery is healing or returning to state of good health and  well-being after an illness or injury. Recovery can also refer to  finding and taking back something that was s (MORE)