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What is recreational soccer?

The term recreational soccer is applied to soccer that is played "for fun" by a variety of players who may or may not have the skill and ability to move "up" to competitive pl (MORE)
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What are Italy's recreation?

Like their sports or activities: soccer(football), basketball, baseball, cycling, water polo, fishing, hunting, and roller skating. Or watching television as a family or taki (MORE)
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What is social recreation?

Social recreation consists of different activities that people take part in with others. These recreational activities are often things like: SportsArtDancingTravelPhotograph (MORE)

What is recreation swimming?

  Recreational swimming is swimming just for fun. It is noncompetitive and usually not structured.
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What is recreational basketball?

  Recreational Basketball, is playing basketball outside of a club or school, either playing it by urself or with your friends at the local Court. Recreational basketball (MORE)

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