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What is a recurring decimal?

A recurring decimal is a number which is written in decimal notation and in which, after a finite number of digits, a string of digits repeats for ever more. The repeating str (MORE)

Why does cellulitis recur?

There are many factors which may influence and cause recurrence of this type medical conditions. First of all, people who already experienced cellulitis most probably belong t (MORE)

What is recuring theme for?

To re-express or confirm the theme (thought of philosophy) that the writer wishes to convey. This desire to re-express may be because the writer wishes to impress it upon the (MORE)

What is hybrid recurring?

A hybrid is a mix of things to form one. Usually the goal of a hybrid is to gain some advantage that neither of the two originals could achieve alone. Non- recurring regards t (MORE)

How do you spell recure?

The correct spelling of the common verb is recur (to occur again). *The spelling recure is an obsolete term for either arrive, regain, or restore.
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What are recurring wants?

It is a basic problem of economics: There are limited economic resources (land, raw material, labour, capital and intellect.) to meet with unlimited and recurring wants. We h (MORE)
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What is 66.6 recurring?

Two thirds of 100. If you divide 100 by 3 you get 33.333333 continued to an infinite amount of places. x2 gives 66.666666 to an infinite amount of places. Recurring means it (MORE)

Does rabies recur?

Rabies does not recur, because the first occurence is almost  invariably fatal (the number of known survivors of rabies in  all of history is in the single digits, and that' (MORE)