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Can zatarains red beans and rice be cooked in a crockpot?

Absolutely. Add contents and stir in water as directed on box and cook on high for 2-3hrs or 6-8hrs on low. Stir once at end of cook time at low and vent cover to allow it to (MORE)

Why red beans and flour does not spoil easily?

  Spoilage organisms need moisture to grow. If stored properly, dry foods - like dried beans and flour - don't have the moisture that will support microbial growth.
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What is the difference between red beans and red kidney beans?

One difference between red beans (adzuki beans) and red kidney  beans is the size. Red beans are smaller than red kidney beans.    Red beans and red kidney beans are t (MORE)

Will soaking red kidney beans help them sprout?

Yes.  It will loosen the shell on the bean and give the bean life. If you soak them for 3 - 4 days, the red kidney bean will sprout without having to plant it in soil (MORE)

Why do sprouting mung beans turn red?

i have the same questions but i am trying to fix it in my research i could see that is a excess of water then sprouts can not breathe well or they don't have aught air ventila (MORE)

How do you do the quest Stinky Breeches' Red Beans and Rice on HorseIsle?

Stinky Breeches' Red Beans & Rice (350qp) [Advanced] Begins: Stinky Breeches Vincent, North-Western Lighthouse on Pirate Isle Items Needed: None [You need to start 'Stinky (MORE)

How many cans of red beans for 150 people are needed?

Without knowing what kind of dish you are serving the red beans in, this will be an estimate. For straight red beans, served as a side dish, you can estimate that each person (MORE)