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Welder rate in red deer albertA?

Depends on experience. Anywhere from $17.00 to $32.00. Also depends on the shop and how busy it is in the area. "B" pressure rates can be anywhere from $35 to $45 in a shop. I (MORE)
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What does the red deer eat?

The main food of red deer is grass and sedges on the mountains. They also eat leaves of trees and shrubs such as holly, heather, and bilberry. In hard winters, deer may strip (MORE)

What is a red deer male called?

A male red deer is called a "stag" or "hart", while the female is a "hind".
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What eats the red deer?

Wolves [Canis lupus], humans, and domestic dogs [Canis lupus familiaris] are the most consistent predators of the red deer [Cervus elaphus]. There may be threats from the occa (MORE)

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