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How many calories are in 1 red hot?

There are 20 red hots per serving and 60 calories per serving, thus 3 calories per red hot.
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What is the value of a US 1 dollar bill with a red seal?

Without a date there is no way to tell. Post a new question and include a date.   More The last red-seal US $1 bills were printed in 1928. As of 01/2011 they're worth $20 (MORE)
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Do deer prefer acorns from a red or white oak?

White Oak acorns are THE prefered acorn because of the lower tanic acid levels, which cause the bitterness. Deer, like humans prefer foods that taste good and will seek out th (MORE)

How do red deer adapt to their environment?

a red deer has adapted by having eyes on the side of its head so it can see preditors running behind it
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How did Red Deer get its name?

Large herds of elk or red deer were in this area. The blackfoot called these deer or elk Ponoka
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What is the best guitar store in Red Deer?

The best by far is the Soundhouse, downtown at 4921-48str... They have a good selection and great staff... Website too
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Red Victor 1?

red victor 1 is a vauxhall victor street racer twin turbo v8 9.3 ltr engine 0-60 in a second quarter mile in 7-8 seconds STREET LEGAL tyres exhaust etc quicker aceleration tha (MORE)
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What is TM 1 in Pokemon Red?

In Generation I (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow), TM 01 is Mega Punch.  TM 01 is located at MT. Moon and can be bought from the Celedon  Dept. Store. In Generation II TM 01 is (MORE)