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Why do flamenco dancers wear red dresses?

if they wear black, brown or greys (so dark colours) then it's to a  sad song. but if they wear red, white or polka dots then it's a  happy song, they don't wear yellow beca (MORE)

What does the red stripe on dress blue trousers represent?

The red stripe on the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Dress Blues uniform is also referred to as a 'blood stripe' or 'NCO stripe'. The red stripe is worn by Marine Non-Commi (MORE)

What does the red piping on the marine dress blue uniform stand for?

The red piping comes from the Revolutionary War. At that time the US did not have money for uniforms. It was customary for Marines to take the uniforms of fallen British Troop (MORE)

What color shoes match a red dress?

Gold compliments red very well! Try a festive sparkly gold shoe! They will pop and complete this look. Make the outfit EVEN BETTER and wear any sort of gold jewelry Jennifer (MORE)

Why does Santa Claus wear red dress?

He doesn't, it is an extremely long normal coat. He wears red because Coca-Cola advertised him on there signs and bottles wearing red. They did this because red dye was normal (MORE)