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How do you spell foley?

That is the correct spelling of the surname, Foley. It is used (capitalized), for a technique of artificially reproducing sounds to use in motion pictures. It is also the na (MORE)
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A Red Red Rose Rhythm?

A Red Red Rose has a metrical rhythm where the first and fourth lines of each stanza rhyme.
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Is the red sea really red?

No it is not really red. On occasion an algae in the water may  discolour it and it may look slightly red, but this is probably not  the reason why it is called the Red Sea. (MORE)
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Why is a foley catheter placed prior to a cesarean section?

A foley catheter is put into the bladder to make sure the bladder stays small to reduce the risk of nicking it during surgery.
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Why are they called red Indians there not red?

Among the very first native Americans encountered by explorers were the Beothuk tribe of Newfoundland and Labrador, who made extensive use of local red pigment to paint their (MORE)
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Why is a red giant star red?

As stars go, it is the coolest of the types - it is analogous to heating metal in a blast furnace. First it is red hot, them more yellow than red, then white hot, and finally (MORE)

Has anyone taken the Foley Belsaw HVAC course?

  Yes, It is about the same as you would get at the local Technical college. However it is not really hands on. I have been in HVAC for many years and just wanted the chal (MORE)
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Why does a red object appear red?

The color red is the wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum  that is about 650 nanometers (within the range of what is commonly  called "visible light"). This represents (MORE)

In The Red Violin why was the violin red?

because, that was the name of the product. (movie,book,etc) if the  main subtitle was "the red violin" the author will base it on that  name so the violin has to be red.  (MORE)