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Can black kids have red hair?

Definitely. You could have a recessive gene from 4-5 generations ago, that was awakened by the gene of the other parent. Result could be red hair, blonde, or green, blue eyes. (MORE)
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Can you bleach your hair when you have red?

yes you can.. i had bright red hair and wanted to go blond. so what i did is i bleached my hair i didn't leave it on for too long then i washed it of i dried my hair then i ad (MORE)
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Why do Irish people have red hair?

Less than 10% are. In the UK red hair is generally associated with people of Celtic descent, i.e Scotland and Ireland. It is believed the people of Scotland came from 5 differ (MORE)
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How do you get rid of red tones in your hair?

You have to dye your hair blonde and it should pull the red from your hair or if you don't want to risk your hair falling out, go to a salon. Don't use anything with Auburn co (MORE)

Did Mark Twain have red hair?

Yes, but his hair changed over the years... "I would have loved to live in the time of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth, the best dressed period of the world. You know I like c (MORE)

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Can you dye red hair to blond?

Well yes, but, you'd have to do it few times.   And it's such a pain, it burns your hair. I did it myself.    I did it 3 times it then went yellow-ish then i used the s (MORE)

Why do people have red hair?

because both their parents are carriers of a gene that gives you red hair. The part of your body that converts pheomelanin (red pigment) into eumelanin (brown pigment) does no (MORE)
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How rare is red hair?

From what I've been told about 2% or less of the people in the world have it. Well. That's "True" red hair. That Orang-ish red hair is more common
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Does Lady Gaga have red hair?

No i believe she has blonde hair. Well i mean she might have died it but i am not sure. Yes she has blonde hair, her natural colour is brown, in her time she has had blonde, w (MORE)
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What is the collective noun for red hair?

There is no collective noun specifically for 'red hair', however  the collective nouns for hair are a lock of hair and a tuft  of hair.   Collective nouns are an informa (MORE)