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Is Red Hat Enterprise Linux free?

Yes and no. The source code is available for almost all programs, and is made available in unofficial and semi-official form as CentOS and Fedora, respectively. However, RHEL, (MORE)

Where can you get OpenOffice for Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Install your package from the package installer (through the RedHat network).If open office is a .org package then you need to install the wine package accordin (MORE)

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What is Red Hat Linux?

  Red hat is just the distribution. The Linux project determines the current revisions and allows people to charge for distributions just in case you don't want to load ev (MORE)

Do you have to pay for Linux red hat?

Technically, you are paying for support of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. This includes their supported releases and patches. You can use CentOS if you wanted a "truly f (MORE)

What is use of red hat Linux?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is most commonly used for servers, but some high-end workstations often use it as well. The "enterprise" means that this particular Linux distribution (MORE)