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What river meets the Tigris river in Iraq?

The Euphrates River meets the Tigris River in the confluence point  of the Shatt al-Arab. The Euphrates is the longest river in Western  Asia and is one of two defining rive (MORE)

Country where the 4 rivers meet?

In Catahoula Parish, east central Louisiana,between Jonesville and the community of Trinity to just north, we find Little River pouring into the Ouachita,Tensas into the Ouach (MORE)

Why did Christians meet in private houses?

The earliest Christians met in pprivate houses because they did not have the funds to construct special churches, nor the number to justify them. However, there is evidence of (MORE)
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Who attends the meeting at brutus house?

In the play Julius Caesar, Brutus and other conspirators held a  meeting to plan the assassination of Caesar. The people who  attended were Cassius, Casca, Decius, Cinna, Me (MORE)

Do the Ohio and Mississippi rivers meet?

The Ohio River flows into the Mississippi River at Cairo, Illinois. The Ohio divides Illinois to the north from Kentucky to the south, and on the west bank of the Mississippi (MORE)