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Why does the full moon appear reddish sometimes?

Answer   The question asks why does the full moon appear red sometimes. The moon appears red when it is near the horizon. This answer addresses that aspect of moon redden (MORE)
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What does it mean when your goldfish is turning reddish?

  If the red is near or on its head, it is stressed. Stress leads to a weaker immune system, which means it is prone to getting sick. Try these tips to keep your fish calm (MORE)

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The sun appears reddish as it sets because?

That is a process called 'red shift' it a process where light shifts towards the red part of the light spectrum. This can happen over vast distances such as galaxies and als (MORE)

Why rainy clouds are reddish during night?

  Different colours of the clouds is due to the water particles in the clouds and the extent of reflection of light. The darker rain clouds are so because they contain m (MORE)