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Can honey make lips reddish?

ha that is a good question sorry i dont have your answer but i am going to the shops and i am going to get some honey just to try it x
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What do brown and reddish pink make?

Brown and reddish pink will make a warm, light brown color. Red will not be enough to change the entire hue of the brown. The white in the pink will lighted the brown slightly (MORE)
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Why the sun is reddish orange?

When the light of the sun is filtered through the atmosphere and partially scattered, particularly when it is (visually) near the horizon, in early morning or late afternoon, (MORE)

Why is a eclipsed moon reddish?

the moon is in front of the sun and the suns rays go thorough the moon to make a orangeish reddihs color. During a lunar eclipse, the earth moves between the sun and the mo (MORE)