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What can airmiles be redeemed for?

The things that airline miles are redeemed for depends on the company involved in the transaction. However, many companies offer airmiles to be redeemed for free upgrading of (MORE)

What does redeem mean?

To redeem means to make something that is bad more acceptable. "She  wanted to redeem herself after getting in trouble." It can also  mean to exchange something for money or (MORE)

What is Redeeming Love about?

The redeeming love of Christ is that He gave his life for all mankind, that through repentance they may once again return to their Heavenly Father. Through the fall of Adam, H (MORE)

What is redeem?

The word redeem is a verb (redeem, redeems, redeeming, redeemed): to recover ownership by paying amount pay off such as a promissory convert to turn in (MORE)

What is a redeem code?

A redeem code is something you use to claim items or Station Cash. They can be found on the back of the cards. Items can be claimed by using cheat sites or other methods, whic (MORE)

What is the definition of redeemed?

1) It means to turn in a token or coupon for another item, such as--> I redeemed the coupon for a free case of pop. 2) It means to correct a previous wrong by taking correct (MORE)

What is redeeming grace?

Grace is given freely. It is not something that can be repaid, nor is ever expected to be repaid, it is given out of love. We are redeemed when we ask the Lord to come into ou (MORE)