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What does redistribute mean?

redistribute has to do with the dps cycle of a ret paladin, this consists of casting, judgeing, and recasting seals. Any pots, cds, and other abilites DO NOT have anything to (MORE)

What did Obama say about the redistribution of wealth?

Obama wants to tax higher income people, while giving the middle income tax payers a break. Too bad both parties can't get it together. We can't keep spending money and not co (MORE)

What are a few methods of redistributing income?

There are many different ways the income is redistributed. One easy way is just by simple payments from one person or group to another. And example of this is welfare (varies (MORE)
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What is charge redistribution?

combination of negative and positive charge. How would you guys not know this . I mean like this is so easy to know so you guys should start paying attention in school=)
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What is the redistribution of health?

I think you mean redistribution of wealth? Redistribution of wealth is the transfer of income, wealth or property from some individuals to others caused by a social mecha (MORE)

What is redistribution of drug?

redistribution is the process of reversible movement of drug from site of tissue to systemic circulation. many lipid soluble drug show this phenomenon as a result of terminati (MORE)

How is social security a redistribution program?

Social Security is a government redistribution program. It works something like this: All people between the ages of 18 (threshold of adulthood) and 62 (age of "retiree") pay (MORE)

What is the utilitarian case for the redistribution of income?

The utilitarian idea of income redistribution is based on an assumption. They call it diminishing marginal utility. This name of course is part of the philosophies name. The p (MORE)