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Where is fort redoubt?

This is information is on Advanced Redoubt, or Fort Redoubt located in Pensacola FL, however there is Redoubt Fort, located in Harwich England.. Fort Redoubt, is actually cal ( Full Answer )
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Sentence with redoubtable?

He knew he faced a redoubtable opponent, but he was confident inhis training and felt well-prepared. Redoubtable is an adjective.
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How do you use the word redoubtable in a sentence?

He was a redoubtable welder. That sentence works because the wordmeans to be intimidating as an opponent during a specific task orjob.
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What type of volcano is Mount Redoubt?

Mt. Redoubt is a stratovolcano. That means it has both explosive and non-explosive eruptions and is formed out of both lava abd pyroclastic material.
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Which cities are near mount redoubt?

None. The closest across Cook Inlet on the Kenai Peninsula, about a 45 minute prop flight. Port Alford is one the same side of Cook Inlet as Mt. Redoubt is, but that is also d ( Full Answer )
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Was mount redoubt caused by an earthquake?

No. Mount Redoubt was formed by a subduction zone. While in somcases earthquakes can trigger volcanic eruptions, they do not causevolcanoes to form.
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Is redoubt volcano an island arc?

Redeoubt volcano is part of a volcanic arc that is partially anisland arc and partially a continental arc.
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What rhymes with redoubt?

Redoubt is pronounced the same as "readout." Any words that rhyme with "out" especially two-syllable words. Examples: blackout breakout devout throughout