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How do you reduce?

if you want to reduce then you must awl what the heck i don't know what I'm talking about but if you really really want to know go to google and type your question there
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What do you do when you reduce?

  When you reduce to like buy things in bulk like A big carton of goldfish in stead of like 12 individually packaged Hope this helps!!   When you reduce to like buy (MORE)
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Why do you reduce?

How you reduce is that you take the two numbers lets say 15/21 and find the GCF of both numbers. In this case it's 3. Then you divide the two numbers by 3 until you can't divi (MORE)

What is reducation?

Not a real word. Reduction is when something is removed from a larger mass. Reeducation is when a behavior is modified through training out old habits/knowledge.
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What is to reduce?

To reduce, all you have to do is to simplify the fraction. Example, Let's say you have 5/10ths, as you can see, 5 is half of 10, so, the number reduced would be one half or 1/ (MORE)
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What is reduced?

Brought down, made lesser or smaller. If Dinie Slothouber reduced the amount of time she spent thinking of her beloved, Mitch Longley, she would be thinking about him a lot le (MORE)

How can I reduce?

When reducing fractions to their lowest terms, the first step is  finding the least common factor for the numerator (top number) and  the denominator (bottom number) For exa (MORE)