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What are Reduced Instruction Set Computers?

Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISC) is a computer chip design  strategy/architecture intended to make the CPU chip less complex to  design and thereby potentially faste (MORE)

What is an instruction set of computer system?

A computer's instruction set is typically defined by the built-in central processing unit's machine language, a set of typically primitive instructions for simple operations s (MORE)

What is an instruction in the context of a computer?

An instruction in context of computer is a command given to the  computer to perform an operation. There are three instruction code  formats.     Memory - reference (MORE)

How can computers be useful in instruction or teaching?

Computer is a very useful and versatile machine. It is helpful in all aspects of life. Teachers can computer for preparation of lecture presentation when illustrations are nec (MORE)

What is computer managed instruction?

Computer-managed instruction is an instructional strategy whereby the computer is used to provide learning objectives, learning resources, and assessment of learner performanc (MORE)

What is instruction format in computer architecture?

  a basic computer has three instruction code format-memory-refrence,resister-refrece,and input-outputinstruction. each format consist of 16bits.
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Which program gives instructions to a computer?

Generally, Operating Systems are what do the direct talking/giving  instructions to the computer. An operating system (like Windows,  Linux, or OS X) presents the computer's (MORE)

What is an instruction in a computer?

An instruction is a numerically coded value that the control  section of the computer interprets as a single operation of  the sequence of operations making up a program for (MORE)