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What is the Wolff-Kishner reduction reaction?

A ketone or an aldehyde is reacted with hydrazine in Wolff-Kishner reduction. The reaction begins with nucleophilic attack of hydrazine upon the carbonyl carbon. This is one o (MORE)
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What is bonus in reduction of premium?

it is in practice of the insurance companies ,if a policy is renewed with same company , it grants a reduction in premium at the prescribed rate if the insured has not made an (MORE)
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What is Chase's rate reduction program?

It is merely a retention program offered by Chase. You have to be in good standing with Chase. You must have received an overnight FedEx package from Chase. The opportunity is (MORE)
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What is risk reduction?

If you plan to cross the road, your risk reduction strategy is to look both ways to check the traffic.
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What is capital reduction?

  The process of decreasing a company's shareholder equity through share cancellations and share repurchases. The reduction of capital is done by companies for numerous re (MORE)
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Advantages of oxidation and reduction in life?

The following are the useful effects of oxidation---> 1.Aluminium Oxide which is useful in nature for utensils are formed only due to Aluminium's Oxidation. 2. Respiration whi (MORE)

What is difference reduction?

In Psychology, with regard to problem solving, difference reduction is the attempt to reduce the difference between where you are and where you want to be, in other words, try (MORE)

What is reduction ratio?

it can be defined as the extent to which material feed into the  crusher is reduced.
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What is reduction of redundancies?

Redundancy is when you have more than you need at the moment of  something.   Reducing redundancies is trimming things down until you only have  what you need.    (MORE)