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What is redundancy?

Redundancy is the excessive repetition of something. A common example used by teachers/comic strip writers is the "Redundant Department of Redundancy" In the field of c (MORE)

What is informational redundancy?

Informational redundancy is the number of bits that it takes totransmit the desired message minus the actual number of bits thatthe message contains. In other words, it is the (MORE)

What causes redundancy?

Lack of knowledge, or a stump in trying to be different or better. Maybe there just isn't anymore ways to do it the way you are doing it. Introduce something new, and maybe it (MORE)
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Redundant in a sentence?

The third safety switch on this machine may appear redundant but each one is important for safe operation.

What is a redundant force?

redundant forces are the extra forces in a structure whose removal from a structure makes it statically determinate.for ex:in a structure of indeterminancy =2 ,2 forces can be (MORE)

What is reduction of redundancies?

Redundancy is when you have more than you need at the moment ofsomething. Reducing redundancies is trimming things down until you only havewhat you need. While it can be used (MORE)