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How did Charles Lindbergh get back from Paris?

BY ship! the aircraft was crated and hoisted aboard the Naval Cruiser- U.S.S. Memphis, a regular Navy vessel. Lindbergh and his craft returned to the US by Ship. methinks ther (MORE)

Did Charles Lindbergh children out of wedlock?

This has been argued- Get your mind out of the Gutter! Lindy was in enough scandals ( Bund membership, distorted politics, Kidnap murder scandal) why turn him into some sort o (MORE)

What jobs did Reeves do?

A reeve was a serf who was elected or appointed to manage the things other serfs did. He assigned jobs to people to do on the lord's land or the common land, he supervised til (MORE)

What is a medieval reeve?

A medieval reeve is someone who makes sure all the work men are doing what they are supposed to and paying all their land payment. A reeve supervised the land on a Lord's mano (MORE)

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