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What does reexamined mean?

To be examined again like to be put in a cat scan then a couple of days then be put in again to see if the results are right.
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If light has mass then it cannot travel at the speed of light if it has no mass it would not be affected by gravity Therefore the math for the infinite mass theory at light-speed must be reexamined?

Wrong, Light has mass and does travel at the speed of light and is affected by gravity! \n. \nLight mass:\nhf=mc^2 means m=h/cw. Optical mass is m-red=2.96e-36 kg (w=.75um) (MORE)
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What are examples of the first amendment of it being reexamined?

The recent case of the idiot Phelps clan fom Topeka, Kansas. The constitutionality of they're inflammatory, vile, sadistic rhetoric was challenged on the grounds that the 1st (MORE)