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What does a referee do in hockey?

Answer   An official (referee or linesman) is on the ice with the players, they wear a striped jersey to distinguish them from the players. Referees are mainly responsibl (MORE)

If a football player hit referee What referee have to do?

The referee must send the player off for violent conduct and write up what happened in the game report. If the referee feels at any moment that his safety is in continuing jeo (MORE)

What is a referee on your cv?

A referee is someone that the employer can contact if they wish to ask about or clarify something about you or your personality, job experience, skills etc. Therefore it is im (MORE)
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What is a referee deed?

A Referee Deed is used in foreclosures. The Referee's Deed is what  is given to the highest bidder at an auction of a foreclosed  property.

Is referee capitalized?

At the beginning of a sentence and when it forms part of the proper noun or when it is used as a direct address. Example: Referee George Don't call foul, Referee!
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What is the difference bettwen a coach and a referee?

A coach is a person who teaches and guides someone or a  team to achieve their best performance as in singing, acting, or  sports.    A referee is a person who stands (MORE)

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