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What are good reflectors?

Good reflectors . materials that are good conductors of electricity and heat are also good reflectors . good reflectors reflect most of the radiation that hits the objec (MORE)
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What are reflectors?

Any product designed to reflect light. They can be made of plastic, glass, or another material. You see them on bicycles, trucks, and other vehicles.
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What is a reflector board?

Sometimes referred to as a "flecky board", this is a specially-designed reflective surface which is usually used to act as a secondary light source. It is particularly useful (MORE)
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How do reflectors work?

light hits tiny microscopic beads or sattelite dishes or cube corner prisms, then light is reflected back to original light source to create glowing effect.
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Is a glowworm a reflector?

no it produces it's own phosphorescent light (chemical that makes it glow.) this is actually common in alot of nocturnal (night) creatures.
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What is light Reflectors?

Surfaces that are smooth compared to the wavelength of light will be effective mirrors. And similarly for sound.
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What is the reflector on a bike?

A reflector basically is something that causes incoming energy to bounce back in the same but opposite direction that it came from. Bicycle reflectors are fairly small plast (MORE)
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What is fireplace reflector?

a vertical metal sheet that goes behind the fire to reflect heat back into the room.
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What are vehicle reflectors?

Vehicle reflectors are like the reflector on the back of bikes, or like a crossing guard wears, only for your vehicle.
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Is an asteroid a reflector?

Yes, but not a really good one like a mirror is. They reflect a little bit of light, and reflect quite a bit of radar radio waves.