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What are reflex actions?

A reflex action is an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a  stimulus. It does not involve cognitive processes.   The typical example would be that if you were to (MORE)
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What is the purpose of a reflex action?

The purpose is to prevent injury. For example, if someone shines a bright light in your eyes, your pupils automatically get smaller so that less light gets into the eye- this (MORE)

What is the importance of reflex action?

One important aspect of reflex action is to help protect us without  having to think. Reflex actions are involuntary and quick. They are  done to meet an emergency and occur (MORE)
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Is blinking a reflex action?

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What is the Role of brain in reflex action?

Reflex actions are sudden responses, which do not involve any thinking. For example, when we touch a hot object, we withdraw our hand immediately without thinking as thinkin (MORE)
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What are reflex arcs and reflex actions?

sometimes the involuntary response produced by central nervous system(CNS) is very quick. such a response is called reflex action. The pathway followed by the nerve impulses f (MORE)

How does reflex actions occur?

This is what happens:a receptor detects a stimulus (change in the environment)a sensory neuron sends a signal to the relay neuronthe relay neuron sends the signal to the motor (MORE)

Is a reflex a voluntary action?

It can be. But reflexes like gagging, sneezing, muscle spindles  contracting, etc. Are not    I. P. Pavlov proved that reflexes can be conditioned but are  involuntar (MORE)