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What is a democratic reformer?

In general terms, a 'democratic reformer' is a political activist  of some kind who seeks to make (and/or makes) political reforms of  a democratic nature in a particular go (MORE)

What is commercial reformation?

The commercial revolution was a period of European economic  expansion, colonialism and mercantilism. It lasted from the 13th  century until the 18th century, when it was su (MORE)

What was the reformation of Germany?

The German (Protestant) Reformation was a religious movement which attempted to Reform the Roman Catholic Church. The Reformation began in 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 9 (MORE)
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What is curriculum reform?

Reform regards progressive changes to a system, laws and  regulations. Curricular reform involves changes, updates and  improvements to the course of study by an institution (MORE)
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What are the asoka reforms?

1. He abolished caste system. 2. There were hospitals for people and animals. 3. The hospitals were staffed by monks who grew herbs for medicines. 4. There were rest hom (MORE)

What was the reformation about?

The reformation was a questioning and challenging of the authority of the Catholic church, especially with opposition from the Protestant faith, in the 16th century.
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Where was reformation from?

The reformation happened in the former Roman empire. Catholicism had become the dominant religion beginning with the Roman emperor Constantine. Most of the challenges to the a (MORE)
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Who are social reformers?

A person or a group of persons who makes good changes in the society through slow and persistent hardworking are known as social reformers.

What is the reformed Bible?

The Reformed Bible is the same as the Protestant Bible of today, with the 66 books of the Old Testament (39) and New Testament (27). This was affirmed by The Westminster Stand (MORE)