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What was the Reformation?

What was the Reformation? \n\nThis is a vast topic. Essentially, the Reformation began as an attempt to **reform** the Catholic church, and when the latter showed itself inc (MORE)

What is the reformation?

This depends on which reformation you are referring to. Generally, though, the Christian Reformation is considered to have begun on 31 October 1517, with Martin Luther's ac (MORE)

Who is a reformer?

A political reformer is one who promises voters that he will address poor practices or questionable activities in government, especially where corruption is concerned. Many (MORE)

What is reformers?

Protestant Reformers were theologians, churchmen, and statesmen.Their careers and actions created the start if the ProtestantReformation in the sixteenth century.

Where was reformation from?

The reformation happened in the former Roman empire. Catholicism had become the dominant religion beginning with the Roman emperor Constantine. Most of the challenges to the a (MORE)

What were the reformers?

Well the reformers wanted change When the say change, they mean to be treated as adults. They hated a colonial Government so they wanted to make a diffrence. They all were afr (MORE)

How did the reformation lead to the counter-reformation?

The reformation was a time when the Catholic church was being increasingly challenged and resisted against. Areas, especially ones further away from Rome were gradually conver (MORE)