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What is refraction?

Generally a reflection of light or sound/changing of direction when passing from one medium to another of different optical density. Some examples: a)Light that bounces o ( Full Answer )
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What is a refraction?

refraction is the bending of light or sound waves But 'bending' is only a description of an apparent 'effect', not a mechanism. Also; the 'causal wavefront' is not 'bent' i ( Full Answer )
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What is refraction and reflection?

Reflection is when a wave bounces off an object. Refraction is the bending of a wave through 2 different mediums.
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When does light refract?

Because when light enters a new substance, its speed changes. In order for the law demonstrated in the equation (frequency = speed/wavelength) to remain the same, the waveleng ( Full Answer )
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What is ocular refraction?

The ocular refraction is the thin lens power of a contact lens needed to correct ametropia
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Where do you have refraction?

it is where an objects light 'path' changes direction as it slows down or speeds up. it slows down when it is going through a solid as it has to make its way through a smaller ( Full Answer )
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Can refraction be seen?

Yes, very easily. Get a glass of water and stick a straw in it. It will not look connected of straight.
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What is synonym for refracted?

There are many synonyms for refracted, such as: Angled, arched, bowed, buckled, cambered, careened, circled, contorted, crimped, crinkled, crooked, crouched, curled, deflected ( Full Answer )
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What is refracting?

Refracting is the bending of light (or more generally, any waves...such as sound, water, or light). When light passes from onesubstance to another, it changes speed, which cau ( Full Answer )