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What is a refrain in a poem?

The refrain is the stanza that keeps on repeating after some lines in a poem. You'll see this a lot in songs (which are often a form of poetry). There will be a first verse, (MORE)

Refraining from use?

The word is abstinence. In a legal sense, it is refrain to use (a vote).
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Sentence with refrain?

I'd go with "refrained". 'I wanted to slam the door in front of his face but I refrained from doing so.' I want you to refrain from slamming doors in people's faces.
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Poem with a refrain?

Many of the poems written by Edgar Allen Poe had a refrain such as his poem "The Raven" with it's refrain of " Nevermore ."

What is a refrain phrase?

A refrain phrase is a phrase that repeats itself in a poem. Here is an example: There was a tree With a bumblebee It awfully stung me WHY DEOS IT HAVE TO BE ME There was a tru (MORE)
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What is the refrain in a song?

it's the phrase/words in a song (like the chorus) that repeats itself throughout the song. ex: in the song happy birthday, 'happy birthday' would be the refrain of that song.

What do refrain mean?

Refrain has two main meanings. Firstly, to abstain from saying something. Secondly, in music, a regularly recurring melody
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What means refrain?

To refrain from something is to stop from doing something. Forinstance, I might refrain from commenting on my friend's lack offashion sense.