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What are refugees?

refugees are people who leave their country because of wars , natural disasters(earth quakes ,lightenings...),famins they may be forced to other country or they may leave on t (MORE)

What is a refugee?

A Person Who Had To Leave There Country Because Of War Ornatural disaster .etc. . What Country Does This Happen To; . Afghanistan it is a place where you can be safe (MORE)

Why are there Refugees?

Refugees are trying to escape their current country in search of a better life somewhere else. They may be trying to escape due to war, poverty, gang violence or whatever reas (MORE)

How do refugees get their food?

It depends on what country they are in. Some countries welcome refugees, help them with housing and make sure they have some food to help them get started until they can find (MORE)

Why do you have refugees?

Refugee's are like run away's. They escape cruel types of war, and want to live a life free from harm. they are very common in places like Australia, where their is little war (MORE)

Why do refugees become refugees?

Most don't have enough money pay for, and usually not enough time to get. their documentation. However, it's not just about money. Many individuals and families have lost hope (MORE)

How can you help refugees and refugee camps?

by providing more medical care and collecting food from other countries and offering it to the refugees, they also need to have clean water by collecting water from the ocean (MORE)