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Can lungs regenerate?

Almost all human tissue can regenerate.   The regeneration process might create some scar-tissue but yes.  Lungs can regenerate..........   Human lungs 'brush' themse (MORE)

Can crocodiles regenerate?

No, unlike smaller reptiles and amphibians, crocodilians do not have the ability to regenerate lost limbs. I would assume they rarely ever need to though, not many things are (MORE)

What is social regeneration?

Social regeneration is the improvement of a community/neighborhood. People who aid with 'social regeneration' help with; community engagement, urban masterplanning, neighbourh (MORE)
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What is regeneration?

Some organisms can regrow damaged or lost body parts like a starfish. Regeneration is the process that uses cell division to regrow body parts. Regeneration is the ability to (MORE)
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What is urban regeneration?

Urban Regeneration is a biological term used to describe the  rebirth of urban areas. Regeneration comes into play when these  societies face a decline due to compounding pr (MORE)

How do sponges regenerate?

Sponges can regenerate the entire organism from just a  conglomeration of their cells. They can be cut up or mashed, and as  long as they have two special cells called colle (MORE)

How do axons regenerate?

Macrophages will remove the debris of the myelin sheath and other cellular items. The axon may begin to regrow into a tube that is created by remaining membrane and connective (MORE)