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Why would a nation be ruled by a regent?

Regents were often appointed to rule in the place of children, so  that the children could have time to learn to administer the  kingdom.
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What happens if you fail the geometry regents?

    if you fail the geometry regents you met get a phone call saying you failed or a letter   then you might have to do summer school and take it again in August bu (MORE)

When did hatshepsut become regent?

 After tutmoses 11 died, tutmoses 111 was too young to rule. She put  on the fake beard and ruled as a man and she was good at that.  Since Thutmose III was too young to a (MORE)

What is a regent?

A regent is a person selected to act as Head of state because the ruler is a minor, not present, or debilitate.   Also, a regent is someone who rules for a child until the (MORE)

Are regents exams grade curved?

Contrary to popular belief, the grade is actually not curved. Rather, it is scaled. This means that graders use a chart to determine scaled scores rather than implement a curv (MORE)

List University of Idaho Board of Regents?

Hello, I have a client that has requested I contact the U of I Board of Regents to see if you would be interested in purchase approximately 1200 acres on Moscow Mountain, som (MORE)

Why -48v dc used in telecom equipment regent for ansar?

This voltage is supplied by large banks of lead-acid batteries at  the central office. There are 24 cells in each battery, giving 48  volts. Grounding the positive battery t (MORE)