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What was the old regime?

The Old Regime was the French political and social system before 1789. Society in the Old Regime was divided into three classes called Estates. The First Estate was made up of (MORE)

What is a hybrid regime?

A hybrid regime is a political system that contains elements ofautocratic and democratic systems. It is also known as a partialdemocracy.

What is federal regime?

A political system in which local units of government have a specially protected existence and can make final decisions over some governmental activities, versus a federal sy (MORE)
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What is civilian regime?

a civilian regime refers to that period of time were by the administering of governmental affairs or activities is in the hands of people who are not in the military
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Is regime a noun?

Yes, the word regime is a noun , a singular,common, abstract noun; a word for a government, especially anauthoritarian one; a system or planned way of doing things; a wordfor (MORE)

What is a copyright regime?

"Regime" is just a fancy way of saying "system" or "government," so a copyright regime is just a system of copyright laws. Copyright laws protect creative works such as books, (MORE)

What is Hitler's regime?

To kill anyone against or not part of the master race- Germans. He killed Jews because he thought they were in the way of making Germans the master race because they weren't w (MORE)