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Who is Reginald Holland?

reginald holland was an English cinema organist of the l930s & l940s and possibly of the l950s.He may have emigrated to Canada later Reginald holland was my grandfather and (MORE)
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Where is Jordan mcknight?

Jordan Mcknight is currently living in Kingston, Jamaica in the vicinity of Cherry Gardens. Actually, I am alive and well living in America! I have only left the country to (MORE)

How many kids does Brian mcknight have?

Brian has 6 children with 5 different women. He has two sons with ex-wife Julie. He has 2 daughters, one in Arizona and one in Nashville and a new son in California. And now h (MORE)

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Who is pastor Jonathan mcknight dating?

I would say that hes dating the moment..that Is to say to the measure of the Mark.. The mandate of Love...awaitn the day.. Which makes me such a very happy women.. So blessd o (MORE)

Does Brian Mcknight have a girlfriend?

No, he does not. Actually Brian has a bunch of different women in different places, as one could tell by the number of children he has. Feb 14, 2010: The real answer is no, (MORE)
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How did Brian McKnight become famous?

Brian McKnight became famous after his self-titled album was released. He reached number 58 on the billboard 200 with that album. His final album was nominated for a Grammy an (MORE)