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Why did architecture change from Romanesque to Gothic?

  The change started to express a new theological view of the church. The Romanesque church should be seen as a fortress against a sinful world outside.   The Gothic ch (MORE)

What are the characteristics of Egyptian architecture?

Very generally, Egyptian architecture is clean cut with straight lines and just about no cracks. Buildings and such were made to outlast time, and have so far. Of course you h (MORE)

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What are some characteristics that define antebellum architecture?

Antebellum architecture is typically Neoclassical. In other words, it mimics characteristics of the classical Greek and Roman styles including the use of columns, pediments an (MORE)

Why is romanesque art called romanesque?

Because the Romanesque architecture combines elements of older Roman (think ancient Rome) and Byzantine architecture. Mostly this type of architecture was prevalent during the (MORE)