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What is the largest Region in France by size?

Two answers; the one you expect, which is Midi-Pyrénées, and the one you don't expect (and technically the correct one) which is Guyane (French Guiana). Midi-Pyrénées is t (MORE)

What is the coldest region in France?

The Pyrenees in the extreme south, the Jura and Alps along the  borders with Switzerland and Italy, the Vosges in Alsace and  Lorraine, and the higher parts of the Massif Ce (MORE)
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What region of France is famous for its volcanoes?

There are no active volcanoes in mainland France, but the southern-central area called "le massif central", a medium-height mountain range, is of volcanic origin and famous fo (MORE)

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What are the main wine regions of France?

According to Sevier Wines, a wine seller, there are 7 primary wine regions in France: Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Loire, Provence and the Rhone Valley. Wine.about.c (MORE)