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What is a regular pentagon?

A regular pentagon is a geometric object that is a plane figure  with straight lines. It is a regular polygon with five sides.

What is a regular expression?

In programming, a regular expression is an expression that explains a pattern for a string. A string matches a regular expression if that string follows the pattern of that re (MORE)

What is a regular quadrilateral?

A regular quadrilateral is a a four sided shape that has all of its sides equal in length. There are two shapes that satisfy these conditions, a square and a rhombus.
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What is a regular pyramid?

A regular pyramid is a three-dimensional solid object with only one base (as opposed to prisms, which have two). "Regular" refers to whatever polygon the base is -- it will ha (MORE)

What is a regular shape?

A shape where all the sides are equal and all the angles are equal. If all sides are equal but angles or not, it is equilateral. If it is vice versa, it is equiangular.
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What is a regular veto?

A veto is the constitutional procedure by which the President (or chief legislator of a state) refuses to approve a bill or joint resolution, and thus prevents its enactment i (MORE)
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Why is your period not regular?

It could be several things going on hormonally. The most common  reason for irregular cycles is being a teenager - your body is just  not finished growing, and the hormones (MORE)
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What is a regular meter?

A poem with a regular meter is one that contains only one form of  meter, be it iambic, trochaic, anapestic, or dactylic. Most poems  in the English language contain irregul (MORE)