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Is a heptagon regular or not regular?

There is such a thing as a regular heptagon, but it cannot be constructed under the rules of classical Greek construction. Any heptagon constructed under these rules will ther (MORE)
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What is regular drugs?

Regular drugs are drugs taken by an individual on a daily basis like aspirin, insulin, blood pressure tablets, inhalers for asthma etc.
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How do you have regular sex?

Well first, you have to have a man and a woman. Then the man must have a as called"hard penis". The woman must open her legs and let the man insert his "hard penis" into her v (MORE)

What is the regular angle of a regular decagon?

Well, a decagon is a 10-sided polygon. The equation for finding the measure of an interior angle of a regular polygon is this number: 180*(n-2) /n. (And in this instance, "n" (MORE)