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How do you build a firecracker?

heres the easy way,   Firecracker Materials   tape (e.g., transparent tape)toy gun caps (either the tape or the rings) or black powderfuse (you can make your own fuse) (MORE)

Who was the last person to be alive in the reichstag in world war 2?

I am going to assume you mean the Bunker where Hitler killed himself in the last days of the war. The last person alive in the bunker was Johannes Hentschel, the engineer, who (MORE)

What happened to the Reichstag building?

After being gutted by a fire in 1933 and damaged by air raids in World War II, the building was left in ruins. It came under West Berlin, but the West German government was se (MORE)
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What is gabaldon building?

In 1907, Rep. Isauro Gabaldon, then governor of Nueva Ecija and assemblyman authored republic act 1801. The law states that the government must provide for educational service (MORE)

What is the skirting in a building?

  The skirting is the strip of wood that sit in the corner made by the floor and the wall. They are there to protect the bottom of the wall against being damaged by brooms (MORE)

How many seats did the Nazis occupy in the Reichstag?

From 1920 to 1938 (the last Reichstag election) the Nazi party received the following number of seats: 6 June, 1920 - 0 4 May 1924 - 32 (6.6%) (masquerading as the National So (MORE)

Why was Versailles build?

Louis XIV did not want his court to be in Paris anymore, he wanted his palace to be a little further away so it would be more quiet and spacious.   Originally it was built (MORE)