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How do you relax?

Take time out for yourself and involve the things you love to do in your daily life. Dont over-stress about problems everything has a solution be thankful for the good things (MORE)
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What are the relaxation methods?

Some things you can try to help you relax: - Think positively. Avoid negative people. - Take deep breaths and let go of bad energy. - Prioritize things in your life. You (MORE)

What did the Romans do to relax?

One of the biggest things a Roman could do for fun was go to the coliseum to watch battles between two people, people and animals, animals and animals, and other such events. (MORE)

What is gluten relaxation?

Gluten relaxation is how well their elasticity relaxes with time, usually in wheat flours. It helps the dough retain shape. Protein and gluten strands link together, and resis (MORE)
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Is art relaxing?

Most people find that creating art is relaxing. It allows you to not use the uptight left side of your brain and allows the mellow right side of your brain to become dominant. (MORE)

Why is chocolate relaxing?

Because it has some chemicals in it that trigger a part in your brain to make you relaxed. And also because it has lots of sugar in it and sugar also triggers a part in (MORE)
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Why can I never relax?

You may not be able to relax because you have a lot of things going on in your life. You may have a job, be in a relationship, have bills to pay, errands to run, and not enoug (MORE)
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Is relaxing an adjective?

It can be (e.g. a relaxing massage).   The present participle of the verb (to relax), it normally means  "providing relaxation" -- for a person in the act of relaxing, yo (MORE)
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Is relaxation a noun?

Yes, the word 'relaxation' is a noun, a word for the  state of being free from tension and anxiety; a word for a  thing.
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