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Has any relief pitcher hit a home run?

  Yes. I can't tell you how many there have been but the last home run hit by a relief pitcher was by Mark Worrell of the St. Louis Cardinals in the 6th inning of the game (MORE)

Most wins in a season by a relief pitcher?

  Roy Face, 1959 Pittsburgh Pirates. 18 total wins in relief in 1959 (MLB record) 17 of which were consecutive (MLB record). Right Handed pitcher, career spanned 1953-1969 (MORE)

How does a relief pitcher get a save in a game?

In order to record a save under baseball rules, the following must happen: The pitcher must be the last to appear in a game won by his team. The pitcher is not the winning pi (MORE)

How many relief pitchers have won mvp awards?

In MLB, 4. American League - 1) 1981 - Rollie Fingers, Oakland Athletics 2) 1984 - Willie Hernandez, Detroit Tigers 3) 1992 - Dennis Eckersley, Oakland Athletics Nat (MORE)

Does a relief pitcher who allows inherited runners to score receive a blown save?

No, not unless the relief pitcher relinquishes his teams lead. Relief pitchers often enter games with runners on base. On occasion, some of those runners score. Those inherite (MORE)
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Who was the first relief pitcher to be named mvp?

  I think it was Jim Konstanty of the 1950 Philadelphia Phillies who had 22 saves and 16 wins
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