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Has any relief pitcher hit a home run?

  Yes. I can't tell you how many there have been but the last home run hit by a relief pitcher was by Mark Worrell of the St. Louis Cardinals in the 6th inning of the game (MORE)

How does a relief pitcher get a save in a game?

In order to record a save under baseball rules, the following must happen: The pitcher must be the last to appear in a game won by his team. The pitcher is not the winning pi (MORE)

How many relief pitchers have won mvp awards?

In MLB, 4. American League - 1) 1981 - Rollie Fingers, Oakland Athletics 2) 1984 - Willie Hernandez, Detroit Tigers 3) 1992 - Dennis Eckersley, Oakland Athletics Nat (MORE)

How many relief pitchers have won the Cy Young Award?

9 AL 1977--Sparky Lyle 1981--Rollie Fingers 1984--Willie Hernandez 1992--Dennis Eckersley NL 1974--Mike Marshall 1979--Bruce Sutter 1987--Steve Bedrosian (MORE)